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Mosquito Spray Program

Mosquito Spray Notification List

As part of our Mosquito and Mosquito-borne Disease Management Plan, the City of Kent Mosquito Control Program may implement ultra-low volume (ULV) adulticide treatments by ground units. Decisions on adulticide treatments are determined on a weekly basis after compiling all surveillance data and disease testing results. Determination of treatment area is usually decided before 2 p.m. on Monday of each week. An automated notification will notify you of treatment within your area for the following day; however, we cannot guarantee it will always be by 2 p.m.

Citizens residing in city limits of Kent Ohio can subscribe to our notification list and receive an email, phone call, or text notification for adult mosquito treatments by registering for CivicReady.

The Kent Health Department will make every attempt to notify individuals who sign up for our notification list; however, we may not be able to notify the public if immediate applications are needed, or if technical difficulties prevent your communication provider from receiving our messages. We may also cancel a scheduled operation due to weather conditions or other unforeseen reasons. The latest information is always posted on ourĀ Mosquito Spray Schedule page.

Steps to Reduce Mosquito Spray Exposure

Although your chances of experiencing any health effects from spraying are quite low, the following steps will help you reduce possible exposure to pesticides before, during or after spraying.

  • Children and pregnant women should take care to avoid exposure when practical. If possible, remain inside or avoid the area whenever spraying takes place and for about 30 minutes after spraying.
  • Close windows and doors and close the vents of window air-conditioning units to circulate indoor air or, before spraying begins, turn them off. Windows and air-conditioning vents can be reopened about 30 minutes after spraying.
  • If you come in direct contact with pesticide spray, protect your eyes. If you get pesticide spray in your eyes, immediately rinse them with water. Wash exposed skin. Wash clothes that come in direct contact with spray separately from other laundry. Consult your health care provider if you think you are experiencing health effects from spraying.

  • Pick homegrown fruits and vegetables you expect to eat soon before spraying takes place. Rinse homegrown fruits and vegetables (in fact all produce) thoroughly with water before cooking or eating.
  • Bring laundry and small toys inside before spraying begins. Wash with detergent and water if exposed to pesticides during spraying.
  • Bring pet food and water dishes inside, and cover ornamental fishponds during the spray period to avoid direct exposure.

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