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Animal Ordinances

The full list of the City of Kent's animal ordinances can be found in
Section 505 of the Kent Codified Ordinances.

Common Violations

Some of the most common offenses within the City of Kent are the following:

  • 505.01   Dogs, cats and other animals running at large
  • 505.03   Annual registration of dogs; tags required
  • 505.04   Abandoning animals; presumptions of animal owner, keeper or harboror
  • 505.071 Cruelty to companion animals.  
    • "Goddard's Law" is a state law (ORC 959.131) that may be charged if applicable.  It is felony charge.
  • 505.08   Nuisance conditions prohibited
  • 505.09   Barking or howling dogs
  • 505.13   Immunization of dogs and cats required
  • 505.15   Certificates and tags
  • 505.181 Menacing dogs
  • 505.182 Nuisance dogs
  • 505.19   Farm animals/livestock

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