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Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation

This program is available to Kent residents to assist them in making needed repairs to their homes. The program focuses on rehabilitating homes by replacing old and outdated features, providing new roofs, windows, doors and other energy saving features, replacing heating systems, as well as updating electrical systems. The program cannot repair accessory buildings or assist with physical additions to a home or improvements outside the home. Funds cannot be used to purchase new appliances. The City can provide up to $30,000 of assistance in this program.

How to Qualify

The program is available to owner occupied homes in the City of Kent. Additionally, the owner must meet the following criteria:

  • Have resided in the home for at least one year
  • Meet the Household Income Requirements for Kent’s Housing Programs

More Information & Questions

For more information about this program, or if you have any questions, please contact the City’s Community Development Department at 330-678-8108 or send your name, address and email address via email to Bridget Susel, Director of Community Development.

The Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program provides assistance in the form of a loan to the homeowner. The repayment of the loan is not required until the home is sold or transferred at a later date. The City charges a simple interest rate of 3% per year and interest only accrues for the first ten years of the loan. The original principal of the loan and any accrued interest are repaid at the time of transfer. The City does require the homeowner to provide a note and mortgage to the City of Kent to secure the loan.

Federal and State regulations governing the control and abatement of Lead Based Paint Hazards may require that the occupants of the home find temporary housing outside the home for a period of up to several weeks to allow the lead paint removal to be undertaken without endangering the occupants of a home.

In many cases, the need for this temporary housing may only be a few days or may not be needed at all. The need for temporary housing is determined on a case by case basis when the house is evaluated by inspectors. Homes constructed after 1978 do not have lead paint removal issues.

Persons interested in participating in the program should evaluate the impact of the additional debt on their home that will be created with the housing rehabilitation loan. These loans may impact the homeowner’s ability to obtain additional future financing (such as a home equity loan) where the future financing requires a loan subordination by the City or equity in the home.

In some cases, the new housing rehabilitation loan coupled with the existing home mortgage(s) could place the homeowner in a negative equity situation where the owner owes more on the home that what it is worth. The Community Development Department can help assist potential applicants in evaluating their situation.

Since the City relies on the availability of new funding and the repayment of previously made loans to provide money for new loans, the demand for the program may exceed the funding available. To deal with this, the City maintains a waiting list on a first come – first serve basis. To get placed on the waiting list, an interested applicant must complete a one page pre-application form and submit it to the City’s Community Development Department for review.

Contact Us

City of Kent, Ohio
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Kent, OH 44240

Phone: 330.678.8100

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