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Pursuant to Kent City Ordinance 559, revised March 20, 2013, the Kent Police Department does not require any partnership, corporation or other entity engaging in an alarm business within the City of Kent, to register on an annual basis with the City of Kent.

City Ordinance 559, requires every alarm user in the City to register each alarm system in use with the Emergency Communications Center prior to, but no later than fifteen days after an alarm system is installed or placed into use. Every alarm user in the City shall comply with periodic update or re-registration requests from the Emergency Communications Center for each alarm system in use. Such registration updates shall take place no less frequently than bi-annually.

Information Required

Each alarm user registering in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall provide the following information:

  • The name, address and telephone number of each separately protected building or sub-unit thereof, business, home or other location, and the type or types of alarm systems in use
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the alarm company, organization or operator which installed or maintains, and/or monitors the registrant's alarm system
  • The names, addresses and telephone numbers of three responsible persons or employees, in the case of a business entity, who can be contacted by the Police Department if needed regarding an alarm system activation or malfunction.

False Alarms

In the event the Emergency Communications Center receives in excess of two false alarms from any system protecting any separately protected building or facility within any six month period, the alarm user shall be charged the sum of fifty dollars ($50) for the third false alarm.

For each subsequent false alarm, the alarm user shall be charged a sum that shall increase by $50 for each successive false alarm in excess of two false alarms for such rolling six month period. (Example Third false alarm = $50; Fourth false alarm = $100; Fifth false alarm = $150, etc.)


Kent City Ordinance Chapter 559,entitled Police Emergency Alarms, can be found online.


If you have questions concerning your registration, please contact Lieutenant Mike Lewis at 330-673-3221.

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