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Completed Engineering Projects

Below are some of our most recently completed Capital Improvement Projects.

Improvements were made to a section of North Water St. from Main to Brady streets, creating a more welcoming environment for pedestrians and cyclists while honoring the rich history of the Mill District. 

Enhancements include a decrease in the width of the road to reduce speeding, additional crosswalks, more diagonal parking, pedestrian bump outs, updated and new brick streetscape, street lighting and resurfacing. The finished project creates a streetscape similar to the rest of downtown Kent.

The budget was $1.43 million. A $1.14 million grant from ODOT covered 80% of the project cost.


The construction of a chimney swift tower along Haymaker Parkway near the Kent City Police Department provides a habitat for the migratory bird. The chimney swift nests in traditional brick chimneys and were once in abundance in the Kent area. However, as local architecture changed over time, and with the placement of guards over openings, many of their local habitats have been eliminated. 

The monument chimney, along with its landscaping, provides a point of interest along the Portage Bike and Hike Trail. This public art installation also serves to help raise awareness of urban biodiversity. 

The chimney swift tower stands at 20 feet and is made of red brick with white and black brick accents. The main chimney feature is the art tile depicting the chimney swift along with pollinator plants and insects, created by Kent artist Emily Ulm.

The project was funded in part through grants from the Ohio Department of Ohio Natural Resources, Kent Environmental Council and the Henry V. and Frances W. Christenson Foundation. Other donations came from Home Savings Bank, Howard and Linda Boyle, Edith Chase Symposium, Portage County Soil and Water, Metis Construction and several citizens. 

The project improvements included an upsizing of the storm sewer, new waterline and pavement sidewalk replacement. The project intended to reduce the probability of flooding on Miller Ave. that had been frequently occurring during heavy rain.

The first phase of this project made improvements to Walnut between Cherry and Harris streets. This included new pavement, curbs and storm sewers, new sidewalk on one side and new waterline installation. 

 Project cost was $400,000, funded in part by a Community Development Block grant. 

 Work began in May 2021 and was completed in November 2021.  

In 2021, improvements were made to Harris Street between West. St. and Franklin. Work included full-depth pavement, curb, drive aprons and sidewalk replacement. 

Work began in August 2021 and was completed in November 2021.

Repairs were made to the primary clarifier #2, after a mechanical equipment failure resulted in damage to the 30-foot skimmer/scraper arms and other critical mechanical equipment.

The cost was $480,000, funded in part by an insurance settlement due to the mechanical failures.

Work began in July 2020 and was completed in August 2021.

Portions of both downtown streets were resurfaced in 2022; South Water from St. Rt. 59 to Main, and Main from Mantua to just west of Willow. Work included milling, resurfacing, curb repair, handicap ramps, catch basin repairs and new pavement markings.

Estimated cost was $1 million, with the majority funded through a grant from Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (AMATS).

Work began in summer 2022 and was completed in early fall. 

This project, located on the Kent State University campus, involved painting the 250,000-ground tank, abandoning the 400,000-gallon ground tank, and providing overflow modifications and safety upgrades to the 250,000 ground and the 250,000 elevated tanks.

The project cost was $433,000. Work was concluded during summer 2022. 

Middlebury Road was resurfaced from Janet Dr. to the Cuyahoga River bridge. 

The work included milling, resurfacing, and minor storm sewer work.

Work began in late October 2022 and was completed in early November.

This project replaced the Middlebury pump station, eliminated the Yacavona pump station and installed a new sanitary sewer along Middlebury Rd.

The pump stations were built in the 1960’s and were deteriorating quickly. Combining the two pump stations into one reduced operational and life cycle costs. 

As part of the project, a section of Middlebury Rd. was closed for the duration of the project.

Cost was $2 million, covered in total through a loan from the Ohio EPA’s Department of Environmental and Financial Assistance (DEFA).

Work began in October 2021 and was completed in Summer 2023. 

This project called for replacing existing two-inch and six-inch waterlines with a new eight-inch waterline. The waterlines in this area have had numerous breaks and the new line will increase the amount of water available to fight a fire.

In addition, minor storm drainage improvements will be done to increase storm water capacity and reduce standing water in the area.

This project is being done by the Ohio Department of Transportation and includes the following:

  • Milling and resurfacing of St. Rt. 43 from Fairchild Ave. to Roosevelt Dr.
  • Concrete pavement repairs on St. Rt. 43 from Main St. to Rockwell St.
  • Accessibility (ADA) curb ramp improvements on St. Rt. 43 in these areas
  • Minor bridge repairs on the St. Rt. 59 bridge over Tallmadge Ave. and W&LE railroad crossing
  • Minor bridge repairs on the St. Rt. 59 bridge over the Cuyahoga River, CSX railroad crossing, ABC railroad crossing and Franklin Ave.

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